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Welcome - VIG Industries has been manufacturing, servicing, and renting Dual and Single Channel (FID) flame ionization detector based (VOC) volatile organic compounds / (THC) total  hydrocarbon analyzers as well as other environmental emissions monitoring equipment since 1993.

We provide a complete product line of microprocessor controlled hydrocarbon analyzers, Dual and Single Channel (NDIR) Non-Dispersive Infrared Analyzers, and Combustion / Zero Air Generators. We offer outstanding service as well as scheduled maintenance and repair.

We provide peripheral devices such as paperless chart recorders / data loggers and precision, high quality components for our emissions monitoring equipment.  Other manufacturers gas emissions monitoring instrument's such as Dyna Fid, Ratfisch, Eagle, and JUM may be serviced, repaired, or modified at very competitive rates with one week typical turn around time.

Our Engineers are eager to assist you in your gas emissions  monitoring needs. If you prefer, we can provide complete monitoring systems according to your specifications. VIG Industries is capable of supplying integration services for (CEM) continuous emissions monitoring systems.

As an added convenience, we stock numerous makes and models of hydrocarbon gas analyzers for rent, and we also offer excellent trade in values on your old hydrocarbon analyzer toward the purchase of new ones. Please contact us using the quick and easy form below so we may be of service to you today. -

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FID Model 210 Oven Heated Total Hydrocarbon Methane  / Ethane  Non-Methane / Non-Ethane Analyzer
FID Model 210 Oven Heated Total Hydrocarbon  Methane  / Ethane  Non Methane / Non Ethane Analyzer

FID Model 20 Oven Heated Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
FID Model 20 Oven Heated Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

FID Model 200 Oven Heated Dual Channel Methane / Non-Methane Total Hydrocarbon AnalyzerHydrocarbon Analyzer
FID Model 200 Oven Heated Dual Channel Methane / Non Methane Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer

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